Wednesday, June 24, 2015

 Building foot bridge over old collapsed logging bridge.
Almost complete without hand rail.
 Willow wattle , erosion prevention.

 Styrofoam collected from estuary.

 Outgoing smolts

More Styrofoam and other junk from estuary

 Nanoose Creek sign erection.
 Island Highway rest area Nanoose Bay information sign.

 Building stairs to the counting box.

 Stairs down to our fish box for counting smolts leaving Swan Lake.

 Damage from ATV,s crossing stream.

 Estuary Pond
 Swan lake   [ boat stolen since]
 A chinwag.

Perils of stream keeping.
 A sky blue pink dicky bird.
 Cycle of life.

 Collecting Willow bundles for wattleing.
 School fry release

 Fry Salvage
 Very strange deformed Coho.
 Water Beetle.
 Our attemp to plug Beaver dam after a trapper took out the beavers, a sad day when we found this had happened. No matter what we did we could not do as good a job as the Beavers. It took two years for a new family to show up and fix the dam.

 Wild Coho heading downstream.

 Salvaging fry.
 A nice Cutthroat Trout.

 Releaseing fry into Swan Lake.

 Fry Salvage.

 Our community tent at Nanoose Bay Teddy Bear picnic.

 The origanel gang.
 Removing garbage from Bloods Creek Lantzville over 40 cubic meters of houshold junk dumped over the bank into the stream, go figure.

 Our counting fence.
Another fun day with a school group in the estuary.

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